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Adult spanish live chat online free

I packed a phrase book and boarded the plane without any concern that I didn't speak even a little of the language of the country where the plane was headed. Over the next couple of years, as I returned to Costa Rica often and began traveling as well to Nicaragua and Guatemala, I figured I'd pick up the Spanish I needed as I went along. By my late 20s, I finally realized that I wasn't going to get this through osmosis.

The best way to learn a new language is to get a boyfriend (or girlfriend) who speaks only that language. The next best way to learn a new language is to engage a private tutor you like. Certainly I don't want to disappoint her, so I work hard to keep up with the lessons.

My level doesn't compare with theirs, but, after my four weeks of four hours of lessons a day, five days a week, I was able to get along, get around, and even chat with French friends over .

The challenge for us adults is to put ourselves in situations where we must communicate in the foreign language.

Lief and I managed to live in France four years learning only basic French because we spent all day every weekday in the company of fellow English-speakers.

The language in our office was English, and we were communicating all day long every day via phone and the Internet with other English-speakers around the world.

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The other challenge for us adults is to make time to make progress. Now, in Panama, I'm struggling to carve out the hour a week for Elizabeth. I know that the benefits of learning to speak Spanish will be great.