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Many men have trouble admitting that a beautiful girl with a loser guy could be…gasp…. Guys assume that because she is pretty, or wears glasses, or whatever, that she must be nice and innocent.

Or, they assume that she must someone how be the “victim” of a manipulative loser man.

When I was in university, I knew a smart, educated woman with a great job who was dating a complete loser.

He had no job, no education, and had spent more time in jail than in meaningful jobs. I’ve addressed issues like why do women like jerks?

Complaining about her boyfriend choices will usually be totally fruitless. Attract her to you and show her how being with you is a far more exciting and attractive alternative.

No woman will be lectured into dating you over a loser. Get her evolutionarily programmed attraction buttons focused on you instead.

So, when a woman falls for a guy who’s a bad boy at eighteen, by 28 he’s more of a “worn out” old man (who looks 40).

If you’re a guy, when you see a woman dating a loser, don’t get worked up about it.

But, what about the pathetic loser that a lot of women date and stick with even though he may be unemployed, drug addicted, and even physically ugly?

So, here’s the answer to the question: why do women date losers?

We’ve even given an entire presentation on the topic.

You might not like it, but most people can at least see why women would find an exciting bad boy attractive.

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So, they stick with the current loser in the sincere belief that they don’t deserve anyone else.

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  1. If there is a part of his life he does not want to talk about, don’t push him to give you an answer. Sure, we all have our set of problems, but complaining about your state of affairs is not only going to bore him but will make him wonder if this is how it is going to be if he asked you out on a date. Complaining would only make him think twice about dating you.