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Dating duluth  in single

As the feminist trolls read this they will undoubtedly make comments about ‘cry babies’ ‘bathing in male tears’ and ‘butt-hurt men’ and ‘mansplaining’.

All of which add more proof to their hypocritical view of the world.

This was evidenced most here with Noula Hafner and here with Sharapova.

I made this post on my personal Facebook page which alone has received over 500 shares and still growing.

If feminists believe they are oppressed by their gender, why then do they insist on being so damned bitchy, especially to other women?

If they don’t want to be seen as disempowered victims they need to stop acting like them.

Women who cut fathers out of kids lives, and somehow the dads are deadbeats.

And of course women who kill do it to ‘save’ their kids, when men do it it’s out of a sense of ownership.

I was a football player when I was younger and I admit, my body isn’t what it used to be.

As a woman who cares enough to listen empathetically to men about issues such as sexism, I have had many long standing discussions on this and other sensitive topics that most are not privy to.

These are some of the things they have shard with me about sexism they have experienced.

Women want men to be more emotional, yet they ridicule them when they are.

They don’t know how to handle the very real need for men to be able to express how they feel, in the face of societies which demonise their every innate trait.

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