Dating fellow grad student

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Dating fellow grad student

In the other entity Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Serbs form the majority in Drvar, Glamoč, Bosansko Grahovo and Bosanski Petrovac.They are frequently referred to as Bosnian Serbs (Serbian: ) in English, regardless of whether they are from Bosnia or Herzegovina.Serbia was at the time ruled by the Vlastimirović dynasty. Territory of Bosnia was ruled by several Serbian dynasties, almost in the entire continuity of the Middle Ages.Bosnia or most of it's present-day areas were ruled by Vlastimirovic, Vojislavljevic, Nemanjic, and Kotromanic dynasties. 892-917), defeated Tišemir in Bosnia, annexing the valley of Bosna. 927-960) managed to unite all mentioned Serb territories and established a state that encompassed the shores of the Adriatic Sea, the Sava river and the Morava valley as well as today's northern Albania.The Byzantine Emperor Alexios later forced Vukan to acknowledge Byzantine suzerainty in 1094.Nemanjic dynasty, for the most part, ruled mainly Herzegovina, and occasionally all parts of Bosnia, and the regions of Podrinje, Srebrenica, Posavina, Usora and Soli.Next, the Nemanjić dynasty acquired the rule of the Serbian lands.With the establishment of the autocephalous Serbian Church, Archbishop Sava founded the Metropolitanate of Zahumlje (1217–19).

The Belojević family was entitled the rule of Travunija.It was named after Grand Prince Vukan who held Rascia (the hinterland) under his cousin King of Duklja Constantine Bodin (ca.1080–1090) in the beginning, but denounced any overlordship in 1091 when he had raided much of the Byzantine towns of Kosovo and Macedonia.Časlav defeated the Magyars on the Drina river banks when protecting Bosnia, however, he was later captured and drowned in the Sava.After his death, Duklja emerged as the most powerful Serb polity, ruled by the Vojislavljević dynasty. 1081–1101) installed his relative Stefan as Ban of Bosnia.

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Krajina had a son with Vlastimir's daughter, named Hvalimir, who would later on succeed as župan of Travunia.