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One unwelcome side-effect of this sexual revolution, though, is that STDs are spreading among the baby boomers, with syphilis up 52 per cent in the last decade, and chlamydia up a third. Sexbots could help people of all ages who struggle with intimacy, and provide companionship with side benefits for some older men.

As for the accusation that robots will replace human interaction, we already spend our days glued to our smartphones, texting and instant messaging, spurning three-dimensional encounters and refusing normal phone calls.You’re competitive when your clients are competitive.We bring your customers up to speed on critical new conversational technologies and complement your team with our research & development capabilities.With the announcement that Viagra is going to be sold over the counter by chemists, men will be able to prolong their sex lives safely – no longer having to purchase pills of dubious quality on the internet.Easily available Viagra is a game-changer just as the contraceptive pill, HRT and the morning after pill offered freedom of choice for women.

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These silver splitters might have got rid of the boring partner once the kids completed their education, but the prospect of sex-free decades in your seventies and eighties is really grim.

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