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Download was a full two years away from its inaugural showing, Ozzfest was sporadic in the UK with events in 1998, 20 before being swallowed up as an occasional curated day at Download and the Reading and Leeds Festivals, whilst far more mosh-friendly than the insipid rite of passage it is today, could still hardly be labelled as a metal festival overall.Gregory and Brotheridge had unwittingly captured a niche but passionate audience.From humble beginnings, the festival grew quickly and by 2005, the decision was made to expand and make Bloodstock an outdoor event.“We’d grown to a point where we simply didn’t have enough room, so we had to go outdoors,” Gregory says.“I think at the time people thought that was a big step, but you have to have growth in anything you do.” It was an ambitious undertaking, especially considering that Bloodstock ran separate outdoor and indoor events in 20.“That turned out to be a mistake,” Gregory concedes.Brotheridge’s initial idea was to have Cradle of Filth headline the inaugural event, but the pope-bothering extreme gothic metallers were unable to attend.

His introduction to metal, which effectively took the blueprint laid down by the blues and layered it with a macabre distorted asperity, came via his artwork.I wasn’t really aware of Tolkien’s impact on metal until I started working with these bands.’ The foundations of Bloodstock Festival itself lie in the meeting of two individuals from totally different backgrounds who forged a friendship through their love of heavy metal.Gregory was looking for someone to help him build a website and was introduced to Vince Brotheridge through a mutual friend.Over 16 years, Bloodstock has grown exponentially, becoming one of the UK’s most renowned, best-loved metal festivals.Co-founder and respected artist in his own right Paul R Gregory discusses the festival’s foundations and how he’s bringing art to the metal masses From an early age, Gregory had also been a big aficionado of music, fortuitously entering his teens just as the Sixties was beginning to get into full swing.

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“If you look at the amount of bands that are also influenced by Tolkien’s work it’s quite staggering.

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