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An additional 3,000 to 4,000 work in automotive-related companies, such as Crago’s JSP, officials say. Graduates from the local community college’s heating and ventilation program landed jobs immediately, so that was an early focus. But employers said they probably wouldn’t hire more because residential clients didn’t want the formerly incarcerated in their homes. After networking with employers, a consensus emerged: injection molding and CNC machining.

The annual median wage is ,173, about .50 an hour, possible for successful graduates. Trained in a jail annex classroom, graduates earned industry and community college certificates.

So far, JSP, which employs 149, has hired seven graduates.

Of them, two fell off the wagon and were fired, including one who had earned a promotion. But even so, two of seven represents a turnover rate of 29 percent, compared with his plant’s normal 40 percent turnover.

A three-year federal Second Chance Act grant of 7,619 covers machine installation and curriculum development to reduce recidivism for 120 participants. But Hopkins likes to compare what graduates’ wages add to the economy versus the daily tab to keep one in jail. It’s about saving lives.” To entice employers, Hopkins joined the Rotary Club, the Chamber of Commerce, and the local Private Industry Council. They were begging me, `Let me prove myself.’ ” “To be honest, it makes me feel really good.” And to be honest, it’s not a bad deal. Most graduates are on parole or probation, subject to random drug testing.

“Can you imagine the ripple effect on families and kids? She got buy-in before starting the program, letting employers know about government grants. She telephoned Crago nonstop until he attended a graduation and taught a class. The program graduates dress properly for interviews. “I know they’re clean and it’s not costing me to know it,” Crago said.

Mold tech Haley George takes parts to a rack to cool after they have been molded at the JSP International plant in Tullahoma, Tenn. Crago has heard all the tales of heartbreak in rural Tennessee — absent daddies, grannies raising babies, mamas dying young, drinking, drugs — and what that all means for folks locked up in the Franklin County jail. But Crago, as nice as he is, has a strong interest in welcoming ex-offenders onto his payroll at JSP International, a factory making parts for cars made in Tennessee and Alabama.

Now, she says, her life has completely changed for the better.

The program’s rising national profile resulted in Hopkins, some staffers, Crago, and mold technician Haley George, 28, traveling to New York late last month to speak at the Training Summit for Second Chance Act grantees.She partnered with a county sheriff whose attitude about rehabilitation took a 180-degree turn about 15 years ago. I’m a firm believer that there’s some good in everybody. For decades, she had found jobs for the disabled and the mentally ill, after they took job-readiness training, including soft skills such as attendance, punctuality and etiquette.“In a lot of places, it’s not politically correct to have a law enforcement officer who believes in rehabilitation,” said Sheriff Tim Fuller. While you have them in custody, do something with them, besides them sitting there soaking up food.” In 2006, Fuller, then deputy sheriff, ran for sheriff and shared those beliefs on the stump. Same for the folks in jail, she figured, developing the reentry program as a nonprofit contracted to serve Franklin and nearby counties. They needed group therapy, which helps people understand the impact of their behavior, so they change how they think about themselves and life’s challenges.While there, she lost custody of her children, now 4 and 9, who were living with a relative.In jail, she joined the injection molding program and secured a job at JSP on her release.

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