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Interracial dating in wyoming

The UTEP protest, resulting in the dismissal of eight Black athletes, gained national notoriety because the termination of the Black athletes and the racist atmosphere at UTEP were published as part of a five-part series on race and athletics written by Jack Olsen for Sports Illustrated.

The next protest against BYU came in the fall of 1969 at the University of Wyoming.

Wyoming Black athletes faced the same alienation and hostility as Blacks on predominantly White campuses around the country.

Also similar to other states was a conservative law and order state and university administration.

This dogma denied important aspects of worship to Blacks who chose to join the church.

Much national attention had been focused on Mormon theology in 1963 because of the presidential aspirations of George Romney, a Mormon.

White fans and administrators perceived many of the Blacks complaints to be petty and inconsequential.Riding the coattails of the Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew rhetoric and White backlash, Governor Stanley Hathaway saw the Laramie campus as another state office over which he had control.Former University of Wyoming president William Carlson, like many other college administrators during this time, seemed to be out of his league when confronted with serious social problems.Wyoming was also a neighboring state of Utah, with a sizable Mormon population of its own.Similar to many other schools in the WAC and around the country, Blacks had been brought into Wyoming to bolster the athletic programs.

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Many factors united at the University of Wyoming to make it significant and pivotal in the Black struggle against the policies of the LDS Church and BYU.

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