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Radiation used carbon 14 dating

Graphite is found in pencil "lead" and ball-bearing lubricants.

Among the non-crystalline allotropes of carbon are coal, lampblack, charcoal, carbon black, and coke. Coke is nearly pure carbon formed when coal is heated in the absence of air.

Their densities vary depending on where they originate. The combustion (burning) of coal gave rise to the Industrial Revolution (1700-1900).

This method for producing charcoal was known as early as the Roman civilization (509 476).

One of the most common forms of carbon is charcoal.

Charcoal is made by heating wood in the absence of air so it does not catch fire.

Carbon allotropes that lack crystalline structure are amorphous, or without crystalline shape.

The allotropes of carbon have very different chemical and physical properties. Graphite does not melt when heated, but sublimes at about 3,650°C (6.600°F).

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The numerical value for these properties varies depending on where the graphite originates.

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