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Two way free masterbation chat

How can I open up a conversation about sex with my parents? As a parent is it difficult to talk about this with your kids?Do you have any recommendations for basic resources/literature? As mentioned before I really do appreciate your approach to motherhood especially regarding tricky subjects such as this.Like my dad learns current songs on the guitar and my mom is obsessed with current fashion designers. I know that they like the idea that their kids could come to them with any questions, but I know that they would probably feel uncomfortable talking to me about sex.So here’s where I ask for advice and a few questions.Thanks a lot, Lisa —- Dear Lisa, Thank you so much for your email. As you know from our exchanges, I’m going to respond publicly here, and I also want Design Mom Readers to respond, because I think this is a topic that benefits from many experiences and many points of view. Second, I don’t know you or your parents, but based on what you wrote, and your confidence, I think they seem pretty great.

My apologies in advance if this is too deep a dive.Unfortunately until today I thought that was the same definition of sex.Before I go on I want to add that I have a normal family and very normal parents. I received a compelling email from a senior in high school and I would love to get your help answering it.It’s such a sincere, honest email with such heartfelt questions about an important topic. Here’s the email (with her name changed and any identifying facts removed): Hi Gabrielle, My name is Lisa and I’m a senior in high school living in a medium-size city in Utah (I’ll be heading to BYU in the fall). I’m emailing you for advice among all people in the world because a) you’re a mom b) you’re LDS, and c) I like what you have to say especially about tricky topics like this. Today I was talking to my college age sister about a terrible law of chastity lesson I had in seminary and explained my frustration about how Mormons have such an unhealthy way about discussing sex.

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