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These spots will be the size of a parking meter and will deliver 3,300 watts (for 1 car) and 6,600 watts (for 2 cars).This compares to the energy output of 10 plasma televisions (of 340 watts each) to charge one electric car.If you charge an electric car with a battery capacity of 25 k Wh during 8 hours, it needs a power output of 3,125 watts.If you charge the same car in just 10 minutes, it needs a power output of 155,000 watts.A complete conversion to plug-in hybrids would thus require 640 extra large power plants.The researchers do not specify what they consider to be a "large" power plant, but this must be around 1,000 megawatts, which boils down to the need for another 640 GW of power plants.That is almost a 65 percent increase of the existing US electricity generation capacity.Fast recharging time This is the worst case scenario considered by the researchers, where all drivers plug in their cars at the same time and at the worst possible moment of the day. Yet, there is another scenario that is much worse and is not considered by the researchers: a fleet of fast-recharging fully electric cars.

"Better Place", which announced the building of a charging infrastructure in Israel, Denmark, Portugal and California, is the best known, but there are more.Therefore, if we all start driving electric cars, oil consumption will plummet to zero and electricity production will remain the same.In December 2006, a study at the US Pacific Northwest National Laboratory found that off-peak electricity production and transmission capacity could fuel 84 percent of the country's 220 million cars, if they would be converted to plug-in hybrids."Better Place" plans charging spots in parking garages, retail spaces and on street curbs.About 10,000 of them will be installed in 2009 across Israel, and that will increase to 100,000 by 2010, according to Reuters.

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Manufacturers of electric cars and batteries know that, and that is why most of them are pushing faster recharging times.

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