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Updating storm software

Finally, if I get anything wrong don’t hesitate to call me out on it and I’ll have it fixed ASAP.Though this is intended to be a great reference and training guide, I’m just trying to have some fun with teaching people how to setup NIM - so don’t expect a boring read.....hopefully you’ll be impressed with how easy NIM can actually be.This file gets updated automatically by the NIM master when a NIM operation is executed that requires the client machine to boot from a NIM SPOT.If this file contains incorrect information about either the master or the client, the boot operation will fail.This goes against this whole guide as far as “learning” the setup process and about the NIM environment.I’ve also had no calls on it, so it falls under the “unused” category in my book, and therefore will get no recognition. Again, the differences are there, but not enough to go into a whole section on it.If these entries are incorrect or incomplete you will run into boot failures, permission problems, and other errors commonly associated with NFS.This is a text file and also “can” be edited manually to sometimes “band-aid” a problem, but should only be done so with care in knowing exactly what you’re doing.

This also is in no way an official publication and is intended as a tool to help with those who are interested in having a starting point in learning and becoming proficient with NIM.

For a more advanced, “official,” or higher level guide you can check out the recently released redbook : and type in SG24-7296-00 in the search field on the upper right hand side of the page.

In ALL references from here on out through the rest of the guide, I am going to presume our “NIM master” machine is a dedicated “NIM master” and nothing else.

Any sort of installation, boot, mksysb, savevg...operation requires the use of NFS.

This file will be updated with which locations are NFS exported from the master to the client and the permissions associated with those exports.

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- /etc/bootptab : This file will exist on the NIM master.