Want to fuck on line chat

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Want to fuck on line chat

Agent told me that I might not get it and I asked for a manager and the manager told me that he doesn't know why the other agent said that and really pushed towards me getting off the phone.I wasn't 100% sure I would get my money back so I asked him to tell me why a request like this would get denied and he said he doesn't know because the billing department handles that... No where because no body has access to this all powerful fucking billing department.I'm from Brazil and they charged my credit card full price for a PS3 game I claimed for free as part of PS .When I contacted them, they simply refused to provide any help.

Try putting in your information and put a random PSN ID.

That was nice of them considering their policy is very specific with refunds after you've downloaded/played the game. So I go to request a cancellation for the pre-order almost a month in advance if not more for a title I got a long time ago. They tell me "oh I see you got a refund for No Man's Sky as a one time gesture of good will.

Their chat system is down because they apparently have like 1 guy answering everybody so I have to call the phone line. Because of that we can't give you a refund for this" I tell her that while i appreciate the gesture of good will, that the NMS situation was a purchase I got a refund from, while this is a PRE-ORDER. I tell her that on the website of Sony itself there's a clear page for return policies for pre-orders and read it to her.

edit: Apparently it now seems that myself and others can't access PSN Support chat for absolutely anything because Sony seems to have blocked off our IDs from support chat. All of us seem to have the same situation of having previously requested a refund or a cancellation.

---------------------------------- Ok so I was one of the guys that got a refund from No Man's Sky on PS4 due to a 'gesture of good will' or whatever. I figure "hey now with this gaming PC I can play most of my games on it instead of my PS4". When I eventually get a phone representative I state my case.

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lmao they most definitely blocked my ID for any support chat after No Man's Sky.

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