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But there is one thing I refuse to feel: powerless.As I've worked in hospitals, refugee camps, and other relief settings around the globe, I've come to recognize: Living far away, though, it's often hard to know where to start or how to help.The vision is a day of community building, solidarity, mindfulness, compassion, envisioning and brainstorming.

Watching images of children and other innocent people suffering, I feel angry, disheartened, sad.

Many of our friends are also moved by the images in the news and eager to do something to effect positive change. Donate to an organization that heals conflict in this region.

There are several organizations that heal the scars of war and plant seeds of peace.

So, I began asking people with experience in the region and have identified five simple actions you can take today to support peace for people in Gaza and Israel: Wield your political power.

The United States is highly influential in this region, and provides more foreign aid to Israel than any other country on the globe.

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